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When thinking about the true legends of Funk and Soul, a certain archetype and era springs to mind. Inspired by the greats, but forging his own path into unchartered territory, Danny Toeman forces music fans to rethink what it means to be a ‘Soul Man’. 


A vibrant and powerful performer, Danny Toeman seamlessly blends the classic vibes of Funk and Soul’s golden age with his own inimitable London edge that modernises his work, far from the realms of tribute and giving it a fresh ‘neo-vintage’ flavour. 
 His gravel tones combined with an altitude-defying falsetto set him apart, by creating a sound oozing with character and emotion. With his backing band ‘The Love Explosion’, Danny Toeman stages an electrifying show filled to the brim with feel-good funky soul, designed to make you get on up, and shake the blues outta your shoes! 


To date, Danny Toeman has shared the stage with soul luminaries such as Robert Cray, Betty Wright, and Charles Bradley, and recently supported funk legends Kool & the Gang at the o2 Arena. With recent sold out headline shows, his latest single She's Got Something About Her championed on BBC 6 Music Radio by veteran broadcaster Craig Charles, now is the ideal time to catch a live performance from a true rising star. 


With a charming eccentricity and flair enhancing the awe-inspiring musical gifts that consistently captivate audiences, Danny Toeman is a genuine talent and a thoroughly unique proposition in today’s musical landscape.


'Some artists say their music has 'soul', but then you get a different kind of artist. The kind you listen to and in an instant you realise... they have soul. London-based musician Danny Toeman channels the golden era of the genre with 'neo-vintage' style; simultaneously drawing comparisons to greats like James Brown alongside contemporary hits such as Eli 'Paperboy' Reed. Hailed as 'the new generation of UK soul', it's a sound that can never be taught; one that you're either born for doing... or you're not. Sadly, 90% of us regular humans, are not. It just means that we have to do our utmost to marinate our ears in the rich, funkalicious vocal acrobatics that so organically flow from the heart of people like this. The positive energy and lyrics of Danny Toeman's music makes him a must for any feel-good playlist.' - Kat Jackman, Huffington Post

'Funk-Soul visionary' - The Evening Standard


'he sort of struck me as being a much younger, even funkier Richard Dreyfuss. Just something about him… and then there’s that incredible singing voice, how cool can you get?! That guy’s amazing, Danny Toeman!’ - DJ Alan Raw, BBC Introducing


'Punchy production with a timeless lean towards classic, well crafted songs and strong, positive lyrics, Toeman delivers with a voice more often heard in the southern states of the US than London Town!' - Soul Brother Records


'When we came across U.K. singer/songwriter Danny Toeman last year, it stood out straight away that his was a talent truly redolent of the best traditions of the classic soul singer - honest, confessional, heart-on-the-sleeve songwriting that addresses both his inner thoughts and feelings and his observations about the world around him being brought to life through deftly arranged soul, blues and funk inspired grooves, compelling underscored by the soulfully resonant tone and emotional gravitas of his outstanding voice' - Next2Shine Blog

'London singer Danny Toeman may be playing in 2014, but he has a strong sense of classic soul.  He's worked with acts from Robert Cray to Betty Wright and he is out on his own with the brand new EP, The Way It Seems. There is no better way to get a feel for Danny's music than to hear it, and he comes out of the box beautifully with the infectious single "That Sinking Feeling."' - Soultracks

'Firstly he can write a damn fine lyrically positive and soulful tune...Secondly, musically he sure can play a damn fine tune and thirdly he's got one of 'those' voices...Totally soulful and sultry with a gorgeous range [...] that'll have Jools Holland knocking on his door before long.' - Jumbo Records

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